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Millennium Water Story (MWS) is an independent on-line information, education and communication initiative that focusses on water resources management in India. Water, a basic resource essential for life, environment and development, has come to face severe challenges in recent times in India. Projected impacts of climate change on water resources pose further threat to the already vulnerable situation.

There is thus an urgent need to manage the water resources efficiently, effectively and sustainably by making water everybody’s business. This requires effective communication in order to increase awareness and sensitization amongst all stakeholders about the gravity of the problems and their potential solutions.

MWS is one such initiative in this direction. It intends to stimulate public dialogue in India through on-line exhibits of real-life situation from different parts of the country in the form of Photo Story on various dimensions of water resources management. In fact, MWS is the first of its kind in the world to communicate on different aspects of water resources management exclusively through photo stories.


To have water-secure India through positive changes in attitude, behavior, policy and action in water resources management.



To enhance water sensitivity amongst different water stakeholders in India.



To inform, educate and communicate with different water stakeholders in India about various water issues, problems and prospects.


Many of the water problems and issues presented in the photo stories exhibited on MWS also mirror the water scenario across other countries in South Asia and elsewhere in the developing world. Some of these water issues are even found in the developed countries. This makes MWS a relevant platform for sensitizing water stakeholders and stimulating appropriate action for sustainable water resources management even beyond India.


MWS is conceived and founded by Nandita Singh and Om Prakash Singh.







To achieve its objective, mission and vision, Millennium Water Story (MWS) adopts a two-pronged strategy:


1. Use photo story as an effective medium of communication

MWS is driven by the core belief that photographs have the unique power to easily convey complex ideas across nationalities, cultures, languages, generations and genders without the need for translation or explanation. Also, since a picture is said to be 'worth a thousand words', it is possible to convey enormous details through a single photograph. Further, since seeing is believing, a photograph can evoke strong emotional response. Social documentarians have used photographs since long to tell social, political and environmental stories, the public response and outcry over which have led to positive desirable changes. Therefore, founders of MWS are also highly optimistic that meaningful in-depth photo stories would adequately inform, educate and sensitize different stakeholders in water resources management, which in turn would induce positive changes in attitude, behavior, policy and action, thereby leading to a water-secure India. MWS has full respect to the dignity of the subjects photographed and exhibited in the photo stories.


2. Exhibit water photo stories from different Indian states across the length and breadth of the country

India is a vast country with significant diversity of geographical and climatic zones, ecosystems, agro-ecological regions, human cultures and waterscapes. India is also a fast developing economy which brings significant stress on the country's water resources in terms of quality and quantity. At the same time, India also possesses a great reservoir of traditional knowledge on water resources management, which enables sustainable and efficient use of the resource. As a result, the country presents a vast array of water issues and their solutions which can also be said to be very well representative of the global water scenario.












Millennium Water Story (MWS) is a demand-driven initiative that came into being in January 2016 as a result of several successful photographic exhibitions at different international forums by Nandita Singh and Om Prakash Singh on various water issues in India. The exhibitions evoked strong emotional response amongst the viewers, which in turn led to a huge demand from the international community to share the knowledge and resources with different stakeholders in the water sector across the world via the web. MWS stands dedicated to all those who motivated this unique, creative and challenging initiative.


The origin of the concept and content of MWS can be traced back to full-fledged photographic exhibitions on urban water challenges, climate change and water: human dimensions, and urban right to water and sanitation, exhibited at the World Water Week, Stockholm in 2008, 2009 and 2011 respectively.


Also, photographic exhibition on human right to water in 2008, Yanadis' struggle for food in India in 2009, and Mahakumbh Snan: the great sacred bath of India in 2012, further strengthened the idea of MWS. These exhibitions travelled widely across Sweden and also to Belgium, France, Germany and Hungary.


The exhibition on climate change and water: human dimensions was also displayed at International Water Film Festival in Bangalore in 2009, and that on urban right to water and sanitation too was exhibited at the Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene at Mumbai organized by Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) of the United Nations in 2011.


The exhibitions were also held at many educational institutions such as Stockholm University in Sweden, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden and Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, to name only a few. The purpose was to help students, teachers and researchers to build an integrated understanding on water resources management.


The exhibitions were very well-received by the viewers at all the forums. They found these to be very illuminating and sensitizing. In fact, the exhibitions helped fill-in their knowledge gaps in the sector, motivating them to rethink about more realistic solutions.


A good number of the viewers expressed the necessity of making the exhibitions available to the larger masses through the web. The couple was highly motivated by this great idea and in order to formalize the idea as an organized and regular activity, MWS has been created as an independent, on-line initiative by them.


Since 2008, the duo has been working relentlessly to build a huge collection of photographic documentation, attempting to present a more complete and holistic perspective on water resources management in India, connecting with issues from real-life situations. From this collection, high quality compelling photo stories are being developed to be presented regularly on the MWS.